Listening Comprehension with Video

August 14, 2009 at 1:51 am | Posted in !TOEIC, Videos | Leave a comment

The following video is titled A Typical Conversation With My Mom.

Watch the video all the way through and then see how many of the question below you can answer. If there are any questions that you cannot answer, watch the video again. Each question includes the time at which you can find the necessary information.

I will post the answers in a few days. Enjoy!

UPDATE: click here to see the answers

1. Where does the conversation between mother and son take place? (0:00 seconds)

2. What chopped vegetable did the mother add to the tuna fish to “give it a little crunch”? (0:20 seconds)

3. What other two meats does the mother mention as being less healthy than fish? (0:35 seconds)

4. What kind of metal can accumulate in your body if you eat too much fish? (0:45 seconds)

5. Why is the son not concerned about this kind of metal poisoning happening to him? (0:45 seconds)

6. What other kind of fish does the mother suggest that the son try? (1:30 seconds)

7. Why does the mother tell the son, “You shouldn’t have too much to eat right now anyways”? (1:30 seconds)

8. What does the mother suggest bringing to the restaurant? (1:45 seconds)

9. Why does the son not bring this item? (1:45 seconds)

10. Why did the family not eat at the restaurant that they planned to eat at? (1:57 seconds)

11. What kind of restaurant does the mother suggest eating at instead? (2:02 seconds)


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