Listening Comprehension with Video Answers

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Here are the answers for Listening Comprehension with Video posted on August 14, 2009.

1. Where does the conversation between mother and son take place? (0:00 seconds)

Answer: “I was hanging out in the kitchen with my mom”.

2. What chopped vegetable did the mother add to the tuna fish to “give it a little crunch”? (0:20 seconds)

Answer: celery

3. What other two meats does the mother mention as being less healthy than fish? (0:35 seconds)

Answer: beef and chicken

4. What kind of metal can accumulate in your body if you eat too much fish? (0:45 seconds)

Answer: Mercury. The mother is pointing at a picture of a thermometer because mercury is used in thermometers.

5. Why is the son not concerned about this kind of metal poisoning happening to him? (0:45 seconds)

Answer: He doesn’t eat fish. I think that he mentions that once or twice, or maybe a hundred times.

6. What other kind of fish does the mother suggest that the son try? (1:30 seconds)

Answer: salmon

7. Why does the mother tell the son, “You shouldn’t have too much to eat right now anyways”? (1:30 seconds)

Answer: They are about to go to a restaurant.

8. What does the mother suggest bringing to the restaurant? (1:45 seconds)

Answer: a sweater

9. Why does the son not bring this item? (1:45 seconds)

Answer: “I’ve already been outside today and it’s not that cold”.

10. Why did the family not eat at the restaurant that they planned to eat at? (1:57 seconds)

Answer: The restaurant was full and they couldn’t get a table.

11. What kind of restaurant does the mother suggest eating at instead? (2:02 seconds)

Answer: a seafood restaurant


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