Answers to Reading Comprehension with Pictures

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Here are the answers to Reading Comprehension with Pictures posted on August 28th.

(a) The man is riding a horse.FalseRiding a horse means that a person is directly on top of a horse.

(b) There are telephone piles in the background. Wrong Word – telephone poles

(c) The horse is pulling the wagon by itself. Maybe? – There might be another horse beside it. There isn’t enough information in this picture to tell if the statement is true or not.

(d) There is a quadruped in this picture. Correct – A quadruped is an animal with four legs.

(2) Vanity

(a) Behind this woman’s chair is something large that has been covered on. Wrong Word – has been covered up

(b) Her sweater has long cuffs. Correct

(c) She is scratching her forehead. Maybe?

(d) Her sweater is unzipped. Incorrect / Wrong Word – ‘Unzipped’ means all the way unzipped. Right now her sweater is partially unzipped.

(3) no title

(a) This room has a softwood floor. Wrong Word – This room has a hardwood floor.

(b) The window in the door is covered by a curtain. Incorrect – The windows in the wall have curtains, but the window in the door at the back of the room does not.

(c) The woman is alone. Maybe? – But then who is taking the picture?

(d) The room is messy. Correct – Yeah, there’s stuff all over the tables and floors.

(4) On the way of Shangri-La

(a) It has rained recently. Maybe? – The ground is wet, but maybe it was washed with a hose.

(b) both men are wearing jackets. Correct

(c) There is a stair to get up to the door. Wrong Word – there is a step

(d) The building on the left has a criss cross style on the front wall. Wrong Word – criss cross pattern

(5) Chapelle de la Gliere (2)

(a) A mountain climber is climbing up the large rock. Maybe? – Maybe he/she is climbing down.

(b) The climber has his/her feet against the rock face. Correct – A ‘face’ of a rock or mountain is a vertical surface that is flat and wide.

(c) Most of the rocks are jugged. Wrong Word – The rocks are jagged.

(d) The top of the large rock is rounded. Incorrect/Wrong Word – When something is rounded it is curved or round-shaped, not pointed.


(a) The man’s earlobes hang low. Incorrect – Actually, they are quite high.

(b) In the background are rolling hills. CorrectRolling hills are hills that are small and not steep.

(c) This man does not wear an earing. Maybe? – He might have on in his right ear.

(d) The man’s scarf is zipped up around his neck. Wrong Word – His collar is zipped up around his neck.

(7) blow

(a) In this picture, the woman’s jawline is outlined by shadow. Correct – ‘Jawline’ refers to the bottom of the jaw.

(b) This woman is outside. Maybe

(c) This woman has a facial piercing. Incorrect / Wrong Word – Even though ears are part of the face, “facial piercing” refers to a piercing in another part of the face, such as the lip or nose.

(d) The woman is blowing the petals off of a dandetiger. Wrong Word – It’s a dandelion.

(8) no title

(a) The boy on the left is wearing a hat that is tipped to the side. Wrong Word – His hat is tilted to the side.

(b) The boy on the right is wearing a wristclock. Wrong Word – It’s a wristwatch

(c) One of them is eating fast food. Correct – The boy on the left has a hamburger.

(d) They are coming from school. Maybe?

(9) Vagrants

(a) The dog is wagging it’s tail. Maybe?

(b) The dog has a long snout. Corrrect – The ‘snout’ is the protruding portion of an animal’s face, consisting of its nose, mouth, and jaw.

(c) The boy is giving the dog an ember. Wrong Word – The boy is giving the dog an embrace, not an ember

(d) The boy is wearing a T-shirt. Incorrect / Wrong Word – A T-shirt has short sleeves. His shirt has no sleeves. It is called a ‘tank top’.

(10) Cathy Drull

(b) There are five doors in this picture. Correct

(a) The sky is overcast. Incorrect / Wrong Word – The sky is cloudy. ‘Overcast’ means that the sky is completely covered by clouds.

(c) You can see one of the headlights at the back of the car. Wrong Word – Headlights are on the front of a car. Tail lights are on the back.

(d) Vancouver Moose is the most handsome moose in all of Vancouver. Correct – But not relevant to this picture.


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