Rainbows are God’s smiles, obviously

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Gay organizations should claim credit when something good happens. For example, if a rainbow appears in the sky, the local gay-straight alliance should put out a press release claiming that it is a sign of God’s approval for the gay lifestyle.

It won’t be any less true than the usual anti-gay claims about God’s wrath in reaction to natural disasters.

That thought occurred to me while reading a 2008 story about an Israeli MP blaming gays for an earthquake.

Of course, Pat Robertson recently made basically the same claim in response to the Haiti earthquake last month. You stay classy Pat.

EDIT: Just to add a more current example of blaming earthquakes and blizzards on homosexuality, multiple felon James Hartline:

Despite the impending catastrophes, the vast majority of Americans are ignoring the warning signs and the desperate need for this nation to return to God. In Washington D. C., the city council is pressing into the demands of corrupt city politicians who are determined to force homosexual marriages on the nation’s capitol. Washington D. C. is also suffering its worst winter storms in the city’s history.

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Dutch park accepts cruisers, Quebec helps gay seniors, Trans discrimination lawsuit, and Libs want to end gay organ donor ban

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gay wednesday

Netherlands Dutch park unveils signs pointing to gay ‘cruiser’ areas:gay counterprotest sign

The De Oeverlanden park in Slotervaart, southwest of Amsterdam, is known as a place where homosexuals from all over the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe go in search of sex partners.
Ms Koffijberg said that while having sex in public was against the law, the park has been used for this purpose for so long that it has become “gedoog”, a Dutch word for tolerating unwanted behaviour.

The sexual activities of cruisers, she said, kept mostly to the bushes in the park, and the new signs sought to ensure that they stayed there.

“There are various groups of users of the park; people with small children who bathe on the beaches, those who walk their dogs, gays cruising and nature lovers,” said Ms Koffijberg.

“Things are arranged so that each group can relax in their own area without intruding on each other.”

Thanks for the tip off Dan

Quebec Québec Funds Help For Gay Seniors:

the Québec government has taken the applaudable step to fund a $500,000 education campaign about gay seniors and the discrimination they face. The education program is so badly needed that the cabinet ministers responsible for it couldn’t find a retirement home willing to host the program’s press announcement, opting instead to use a community centre in Montréal’s gay village.

Canada Liberals pass resolution to end gay organ donor ban:gay heart thrown in trash

The motion, brought to the floor by the Young Liberals, recognized the severe organ shortages in the country and that Canada maintains one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world. It also pointed out that all donated organs already undergo extensive tests to guard against the transmission of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. The motion also stated that there are no recorded cases of organ recipients contracting HIV/AIDS or hepatitis C from organs donated by a gay man.

United States Obama lists homophobia as “hatred that degrades its victim”:

“While speaking at the U.S. Holocaust Museum, President Obama mentioned homophobia in a list of ‘hatred that degrades its victim’.”

To this day, there are those who insist the Holocaust never happened – who perpetrate every form of intolerance — racism, antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, and more — hatred that degrades its victim and diminishes us all. Today, and every day we have an opportunity, as well as an obligation to confront these scourges. To fight the impulse to turn the channel when we see images that disturb us, or wrap ourselves in the false comforts that others’ sufferings are not our own.

United States Transsexual wins $500,000 lawsuit:

“A federal judge has awarded a former Army Special Forces commander nearly $500,000 because she was rejected from a job at the Library of Congress while undergoing a gender change from man to woman”.Former Army Special Forces commander Diana Shroer

Schroer said she was happy with the judgment but more importantly that the judge recognized her treatment as job discrimination. She said it’s a problem many transgendered people face.

“They are hugely underemployed, at best,” Schroer said. “If they are fortunate enough to get something, it’s well below their capabilities. It’s not just about money, it’s about knowing you are a valuable person.”

Schroer said she feels more fortunate than many transsexuals who face job discrimination

Argentina Bank ad from Argentina promotes tolerance for transgendered:

Here’s a sweet ad that’s been bouncing around the interboing lately. “It talks about tolerance and teach us that all people are the same even if they are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender”.

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BC candidates anti-gay email, Walmart CEO anti-gay, Kentucky school discrimination, Obama failing the gays, Greece annuls lesbo marriage, and Gay deceased descecrated in Senegal

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gay wednesday

Arkansas CEO of Wal-Mart Found On Arkansas Anti-Gay Petition:

“Wal-Mart claims to have an environment of “diversity” within its stores though the HRC only ranked Wal-Mart at 40% in its Corporate Equality Index in 2008. Shocking”. Thanks for the tip off Joe

Kentucky Kentucky Homo Students not allowed to use washrooms:

Kentucky Equality Federation received reports that a Franklin County High official allegedly sent an email to teachers instructing them not to allow homosexuals to leave class to use the restroom.

The email was allegedly sent after two female classmates were caught kissing in the public restroom.

In response, 15 students protested outside the school

United States Anti-Gay Former Rep. Jack Kemp Dies :Jack Kemp

Kemp was a vigorous gay rights opponent in Congress. He supported the firing of homosexual teachers, saying, “I think a school board should have the right to choose what type of example we have for our children in public schools.” Kemp fought legislation protecting the civil rights of people with HIV and supported a bill that would have required the mandatory reporting of those with the disease. He frequently characterized gay rights as “special rights” and was a co-founder of the right-wing think tank, the Heritage Foundation.

Senegal Deceased dug up and dumped at family home for alleged homosexuality :

Homosexuality is illegal in Senegal where 95 percent of the population is Muslim. Homosexual acts are punishable by up to five years in prison.

In the summer of 2008, local people in the central village of Guinguineo profaned the tomb of a man they considered to be gay, saying they would not have him buried there.

Greece Greece Annuls Same-Sex “Humanoid” Marriages:

The Greek courts have annulled the country’s only two same-sex marriages after hysterical opposition from the government and religious organisations.

Two Greek couples married early last summer after discovering that there was no limitation of gender in the country’s marriage laws. Almost immediately, the government sought to render the marriages invalid, filing a lawsuit with the support of the Orthodox Church of Greece.

No word yet as to whether or not the two women were from the Isle of Lesbos.

British Columbia B.C. candidate tiresomely equates gay people to adulterers and gamblers:

Dalton’s email wasn’t sent out of the blue; it was sent to a fellow teacher in response to an anti-bullying initiative brought up by the B.C. Teacher’s Federation. The initiative was to protect children who were being bullied and harassed for having gay parents, or for being gay themselves. Not only did Dalton disagree with protecting students from this anti-gay harassment, but he actively started a counter-petition, circulating it among teachers, trying to get the anti-bullying initiative struck down.

Slap Upside the Head

United States Obama’s Silence on AIDS:HIV positive traveller is eliminated with a trap door

I know the man has his hands full, but Obama has ignored AIDS to such an extent that even the easy, no-cost policy fixes haven’t happened. Take the long-standing, stigma-inducing HIV ban on travel and immigration to the United States. President Bush, to everyone’s surprise, pushed for its repeal. Last year’s Congress passed legislation that allows the Department of Health and Human Services to remove the ban, and Bush signed this legislation into law.

That only left one last step — HHS had to publish a rule to remove the offending language. The Bush administration did this, although not fast enough to have it become law before Bush left office. All Obama had to do was let the Bush ruling stand and take effect after a period of public comment. Instead, it got swept aside during Obama’s heavy-handed halt to all of Bush’s end-of-term regulatory initiatives. Now it’s back to square one — an almost identical rule has been prepared and published for public comment, again…months later.

Thanks for the tip off Sullivan

Massachusetts Not exactly mother of the year:cat pops out of birthday cake with sign that says You're Adopted

In November 2007 the teenage daughter of MassResistance founder Amy Contrada came out as a lesbian after her mother picketed her high school’s production of The Laramie Project. The next week good ol’ mom created a full page on the MassResistance site to announce that her daughter was adopted, emotionally unstable, and a “special needs” student. Last year the Southern Poverty Law Center rated MassResistance as a hate group.

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Washington Gay Marriage News, 11 Fascinating Prop 8 donors, and Alabama want to honour Miss California

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Gay Wednesdaythe marriage edition

United States Same-sex destination weddings booming:

Texas “Ex-Gays” Denied Ad In Texas Paper:

gay Washington State FlagWashington State Apparently, Seattle is the second gayest city in America:

I wonder how you measure the gayness of a city. I’m curious as to which Canadian city is gayer, Vancouver or Toronto.

Speaking of Gayness in Washington state…

Washington State Washington Gets “Everything But Marriage”:

The bill expands on previous domestic partnership laws by adding partnerships to all remaining areas of state law where currently only married couples are mentioned. The statutes range from labor and employment rights, to pensions and other public employee benefits.

However, anti-gay religious groups immediately announced their plans to block the legislation. Thanks for the tip off Joe

California 11 Fascinating Donors on California’s Prop 8:

3. The $4 guy. On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Knights of Columbus is Ronald Grey of La Verne, California… who donated $4 to support Prop 8.

Let’s take a quick look into Ronald’s head for a second here. He sure doesn’t like gay marriage, but, damn, money’s tight right now. So he crunched the numbers and decided to make his voice heard, the answer was… four dollars.

Steve Schmidt as Dr. EvilUnited States Top McCain presidential campaign aide comes out in favor of marriage for gay couples:

[Steve] Schmidt argues that, first, there’s a moral reason to embrace marriage for gay couples, and compares being pro-gay to being pro-life (that should spin some heads). Then Schmidt argues that politically the party needs to grow its coalition, not shrink it – and that embracing gay civil rights will help the party attract more voters. Schmidt also notes, implicitly, that by wooing the religious right the Republicans are alienating lots of other voters.

Alabama Alabama House considers resolution praising Miss California for position on gay marriage:

Moose's OpinionYou know, I’m not one of those “My taxes pay your salary!!” types, but if I lived in Alabama I think I’d be pretty pissed off that legislators were spending ‘on the clock’ time on this kind of horse hockey. The woman isn’t even from their state!

If you don’t know what the issue is, in response to a Miss USA pageant question, Miss California said that she did not support gay marriage. She went on to come in second in the pageant. The obvious speculation is that she would have won if she had lied aboot her beliefs.

Should she have lied? Well considering the superficial nature of the competition, I would say yes she should have. Beauty pageant contestants are not on stage because of their morals. Nobody cares what an ethical woman looks like in a bathing suit.

United States 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is “Wrong”:

This list has been floating around the interweb for a long time, but perhaps you haven’t seen it yet. I always get a chuckle when I stumble across it.

  1. Being gay is not natural: Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.
  2. Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay: in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.
  3. Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior: People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.
  4. Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn’t changed at all: women are still property, blacks still can’t marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.
  5. Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed: the sanctity of Brittany Spears’ 55-hour just-for-fun marriage would be destroyed.
  6. Straight marriages are valid because they produce children: Gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn’t be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren’t full yet, and the world needs more children.
  7. Obviously gay parents will raise gay children: since straight parents only raise straight children.
  8. Gay marriage is not supported by religion: In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That’s why we have only one religion in America.
  9. Children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home: That’s why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.
  10. Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms: Just like we haven’t adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans.

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Border problems in US and Canada, Gay Israel vs. Iran, and Bigots demand tolerance

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Gay Wednesday

OK technically it’s Thursday, but the sun hasn’t quite come over the mountains yet, so it still counts.

United States Poz Brits Still Blocked From Entering U.S. :

“The Terrance Higgins Trust, England’s largest HIV charity, is claiming that HIV-positive Brits are still being turned away at United States border control checkpoints even though they have filled out a special online waiver form.”

Israel Israel To Use Gay Rights In PR Campaign Against Iran:

Israel plans to use the plight of gays in Iran as part of their campaign to whip up international condemnation of Tehran’s government.

California Bigots claim that their views should be tolerated:

Anti-gay hater Karen England and the Capitol Resource Institute are upset about the phone calls and emails you sent them about their Day Of Silence walkout plans, citing them as examples of gay intolerance. Because people are supposed be tolerant of bigotry.

Canada Porn star Michael Lucas: Canadian border agents are “homophobic”:Michael Lucas

“The unpleasantly bored man started off with the usual questions: What are you doing in Canada, eh? How long will you be here? Then the survey went a little deeper, probing at what I did for a living. What kind of company is it? Is it softcore or hardcore? His obnoxiously tired act turned abrasive and superior. His agenda at this point was to get my porny ass back to America.”

Lucas says the border agents then picked through his luggage piece-by-piece.

“Of course I had my movies on me, a stack of nude pictures to sign and lube. The essentials,” he wrote. “Homophobia was running rampant with these captors and they were highly offended by said essentials. They questioned why I had so many images that depict me nude — I told them it was for my friends who enjoy my movies.”

Canadian border agents have a history of targeting gays and lesbians at the border. In Jun 2008, Canadian border agents seized a gay couple’s laptop because it contained “questionable material” — gay porn. Vancouver’s Little Sister’s bookstore has also fought a long battle with border officials over unfair seizure of gay and lesbian material.

Lucas says dealing with Canadian customs was like the “Canadian re-envisioning of Guantanamo.”

Angie ZapataColorado Denver transgender murder, hate crime conviction a first:

Throughout the trial, prosecutors referred to Zapata as “she,” while the defense referred to the transgender teen, formerly named Justin Zapata, as “he.”

“When [Andrade] met him, he met him as ‘Angie,’ ” defense attorney Annette Kundelius argued on Wednesday. “When he found out it wasn’t ‘Angie,’ that it was ‘Justin,’ he lost control.” But the jury rejected the argument, deciding in favor of prosecutors, who argued that Andrade knew Zapata was biologically male and that knowledge motivated the crime.

“This was an ambush attack,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Robb Miller. “This was an all-out blitz.”

Zapata was “born in a boy’s body but living as a female,” added Miller. “Ultimately, she was murdered because of it.” The case has become a rallying point for supporters of the transgender community, who have held vigils and launched Web sites in remembrance of Zapata.

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Catholics versus Gays, Obama, and Adoption; Benevolent Italian Jews; Alberta’s Creationist Museum; and Saudi Religious police apologize for kissing arrest

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Sunday Religion Roundup

Welcome to the belated edition of Sunday Religion Roundup for Sunday April 19th, 2009, sheepishly posted on Monday April 20th.

I would have posted it yesterday, but I was too busy … um … praying. Yeah, praying, that’s the ticket.

Alberta Alberta has a Creationist Museum:

Big Valley Creation Science Museum
Built from the foundations up, for the glory of the Creator,
to display the evidence of his handiwork and refute the lie of evolution.

Please leave all food, drinks, and brains at the door.

United Church Atheist wins right to have baptism annulled:
“An atheist has won the right to have his baptism removed from Church of England records after claiming he was too young to give his consent to the ceremony.”

Canada Libs Reaching Out to Religious Right?:

With Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals leading in the polls, I had begun to think that my work monitoring the religious right might be reaching an unexpected end. The Liberals are not well known as a party receptive to religious views, after all, despite their solid roots in the Roman Catholic Church. However, there are signs emerging that my fears were misplaced. Indeed, Ignatieff, through his social conservative MP John McKay, seems now to be reaching out to the Christian right.

Canada And they may not have to reach very far considering that Most Canadians believe country ‘a Christian nation’:

a new poll reveals the majority — including nearly half of those who don’t believe in God — think Canada is “essentially a Christian nation.”

The survey, conducted for Canwest News Service and Global National, found roughly six in 10 Canadians (58 per cent) identified the country as Christian. Among those who believe in God, 61 per cent think Canada is a Christian nation, while fully 48 per cent of non-believers feel that way.

pie chart showing overwhelming numbers of Christians in the USI hope that we don’t end up with the same situation as in the states, where loud mouth Christian claim that they’re being persecuted for their beliefs. It could happen though:

“Although 80 per cent of Canadians think ‘proper tolerance’ is given to those who wish to practise religions other than Christianity, fully four in 10 don’t think Christians are given those same allowances by other faiths”.

United States US religious Right concedes defeat:

But then there’s some good news too: “America’s religious Right has conceded that the election of US President Barack Obama has sealed its defeat in the cultural war with permissiveness and secularism”. Thanks for the tip off Joe

Leading evangelicals have admitted that their association with George W. Bush has not only hurt the cause of social conservatives but contributed to the failure of the key objectives of their 30-year struggle.

James Dobson, 72, who resigned recently as head of Focus on the Family – one of the largest Christian groups in the country – and once denounced the Harry Potter books as witchcraft, acknowledged the dramatic reverse for the religious Right in a farewell speech to staff.

“We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action,” he said. “We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged. We are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles.”

United States Hypocritical Backlash against Obama giving commencement speech at Notre Dame:

“The Catholics leaders are having a hissy fit because Obama is going to give the commencement speech at Notre Dame”. Catholic Leaders, like a lot of other people, don’t like Obama because he is pro-choice, and, you know every sperm is sacred and all that.

A university like Notre Dame, with it’s long Catholic history, shouldn’t allow someone who promotes death to give the commencement speech, or even set foot on the campus for that matter.

And yet, Catholic leaders welcomed Bush at Notre Dame even after he personally allowed 152 people to die.

United States Pope Investigating US Catholic Sisters For Not Holding Vatican Line On Homosexuality:

“The [Leadership Conference of Women Religious] said it was confident going into the investigation, saying it believed it had been faithful to its mission of serving leaders of women’s orders ‘as they seek to further the mission of Christ in today’s world’.”

I hope they said it all snarky like – “cha! tell that queen at the Vatican that we seek to further the mission of Christ in today’s world”

United Kingdom UK: Catholic Adoption Agencies Break From Church To Comply With Pro-Gay Laws:

Five of the largest adoption agencies in the UK have broken their official ties to the Catholic Church in order to comply with gay rights laws and continue to receive government funding. The situation has caused an outcry in American religious circles as an example of religious persecution headed for American shores.

United States Listen My Homos And You Shall Hear:
The Mormons are Coming
Californians Against Hate have launched a six-state online ad campaign to let everybody know that NOM, the National Organization for Marriage, is a front group for the Mormon Church. “Banners ads will appear on the capital city hometown papers of states currently in play for marriage equality: NY, NJ, DE, ME, NH, and RI”.

Italy Italian Jews Give Back to Earthquake Victims Who Helped During WWII:

More than 65 years after villagers provided shelter to Italian Jews fleeing from the Nazis, a group of those who evaded capture rushed to repay that sacrifice in rural communities hard-hit by an earthquake.

A delegation of around 20 elderly Jews and their descendants _ as well as community leaders _ made their way to makeshift camps in the area around the mountain city of L’Aquila on Monday, peering into tents in a bid to find their saviors.

They offered everything from gym shoes to summer camps for children.”I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for these people,” said Alberto Di Consiglio, whose parents were sheltered in the small hamlets of Fossa and Casentino during the war. “We have to help them.”

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia – Religious police apologise for controversial kiss arrest:

The apology is the first public act by the newly appointed head of the religious police, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al Humane, who replaced the more conservative head, Sheikh Ibrahim al Ghaith, in February following a government reshuffle.
“The apology is a triumph for society over an apparatus that sees itself as above the law and above suspicion,” Mr al Zulfah said.

scene from American Dad, Stan of Arabia: part twoDude got beat down for kissing his wife in public. An apology sound like a baby step in the right direction, but the guy had serious connections. I doubt that the apology would have happened otherwise.

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Animal Friday – The Looooove Edition, Chimps, Elephants, Toronto Vet, and Children + Critters

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Animal Fridaythe love edition
This is the first of four articles for (Belated) Animal Friday, April 17th 2009

  • The Looooove Edition, Chimps, Elephants, Toronto Vet, and Children + Critters
  • Endangered – Blue Whales, North Van Bears, Banff Caribou, Wolves, Rainbow Finch, Leatherback Turtles, and Megamouth Shark
  • The Dog Edition – Russian Dogs, Sock Swallowing Dog, Life Saving Pup, and Bo Obama gets book deal!
  • Urban Critters Friday – Bed Bugs, Toronto Illustrations, and Disappointed Cat

Ivory Coast HOT CHIMPS IN SEX-FOR-FOOD SCANDAL:sexy female sock monkey

[Ivory Coast] Male chimps that are willing to share the proceeds of their hunting expeditions mate twice as often as their more selfish counterparts.

This is a long-term exchange, so males continue to share their catch with females when they are not fertile, copulating with them when they are.

Thanks for the tip-off Wonkette

Poland Polish politician fumes over “gay” elephant in zoo:Elephant Love

“We were supposed to have a herd, but as Ninio prefers male friends over females how will he produce offspring?” said Grzes, who is from the right-wing opposition Law and Justice party.

The head of the Poznan zoo said 10-year-old Ninio may be too young to decide whether he prefers males or females as elephants only reach sexual maturity at 14.

United States America Hates Gay Penguins:book cover - And Tango Makes Three

For the third year in a row, the book most complained about in public school libraries is And Tango Makes Three, which tells the story of two male penguins raising an orphaned chick. The American Library Association tracks the titles most demanded for removal by parents and educators.

Ontario Channeling a love for animals into a career:

This is a story of a different kind of animal love … I hope.

Despite having practised veterinary medicine for 16 years, Au’s love for animals is as strong as when she was five years old and would bring wounded birds home and try to bandage their broken wings to help them recover.

“As far back as I can recall I’ve loved animals. I love my career and I’ve never regretted the choice I’ve made. For my whole life that’s all I ever wanted to do,” Au said.

Children and Animals:Girl and Seal

You know what, I don’t like children all that much. I know, I know, I’m an icy man-bitch. But even I melted a little when I came across a page of … uh… many pictures of children with animals. Clickity Click the heading to see them all.

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Gay Wednesday III – The ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ News

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Gay WednesdayThis is the first of three posts for Gay Wednesday, April 15th 2009:

  1. Gay Wednesday I – The Good News
  2. Gay Wednesday II – The Bad News
  3. Gay Wednesday III – The ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ News

http://www.slapupsidethehead.comOn Wednesday April 8th the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) launched a disturbing video ad claiming that marriage equality threatens personal freedoms. Against a backdrop of a thundering storm a California doctor claims that she must choose between her faith and her job, a member of a New Jersey church group says they are being punished by the federal government, and a Massachusetts parent explains how she must stand by helplessly as the state teaches her son that gay marriage is OK. All three claims are false:

“What’s next for the National Organization for Marriage? Will they hire legendary infomercial pitchman Ron Popeil to hawk their phony agenda?” said Human Rights Campaign Spokesman Brad Luna. “This ad is full of outrageous falsehoods—and they don’t even come out of the mouths of real people.”

That’s right, apparently NOM couldn’t find any real people that are suffering from the horror of civil rights so they held auditions to find people to help them bear false witness against their gay and lesbian neighbours.

**Personal Note** As a former actor, I consider the performers in the ad to be just a reprehensible as the NOM. Being an actor doesn’t mean that you take any job that comes along. The products and causes that contain your likeness are supported by YOU.

For a long time I wondered, Why? I understand why someone(s) would want to use a wedge issue, but of all the possible things to argue aboot, why gay marriage. Why is there so much hair-splitting on that issue. John Aravosis @ AmericaBlog explains that “the anti-gay-marriage crowd is now not just targeting gays, they’re trying to undermine all civil rights laws affecting blacks, Latinos, and every other person covered by civil rights law.”

The website Good As You has put together an excellent response to NOM’s “gathering storm” ad, and elsewhere the parodies abound:

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Gay Wed II – Bad News: Feet Dragging, Health Care Cuts, and BDSM discrimination

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Gay WednesdayThis is the first of three posts for Gay Wednesday, April 15th 2009:

  1. Gay Wednesday I – The Good News
  2. Gay Wednesday II – The Bad News
  3. Gay Wednesday III – The ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ News

Ontario Ottawa police dragging feet on gaybashing cold case:

Alberta Alberta cuts coverage for gender reassignment surgery:

“The decision to end the GRS program comes just weeks after the province said it would add sexual orientation but not gender identity to the province’s human rights legislation”.

British Columbia BDSM lifestyler unfit to drive a limo: police:

“A potentially groundbreaking case on BDSM began hearings in BC’s Human Rights Tribunal Mar 30. The case could determine whether BDSM qualifies for protection as a sexual orientation under the province’s Human Rights Code.”

So here’s what’s going on. This guy, Peter Hayes, goes to the Vancouver Police Department to aplly for a chauffeur’s permit. There was a complaint on file made by a former girlfriend of Hayes alleging that he was “involved in a sex cult.” Hayes does identify as a pagan and a participant in domination and submission, however he denies that there is any such cult in Vancouver and that he’s “not involved in anything like that.”

Perhaps you’re wondering, what the bloody ‘ell does that have to do with whether or not has can be a chauffeur.

“Mr Hayes states that Const Barker told him that he thought that Mr Hayes might recruit passengers into his cult if granted the chauffeur’s permit.”

I’ll admit there’s a lot of sizzle to this story, but the steak of the matter is not whether or not Hayes would use his scary Pagan Sex Powers to seduce puritan limosine passengers into fictional cults. The meat of the issue is whether or not BDSM lifestylers are entitiled to protection from discrimination in British Columbia.

Massachusetts Massachusetts: 11-Year-Old Hangs Himself after Enduring Daily Anti-Gay Bullying:Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover

April 9, 2009 – An 11-year-old Massachusetts boy, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, hung himself Monday after enduring bullying at school, including daily taunts of being gay, despite his mother’s weekly pleas to the school to address the problem. This is at least the fourth suicide of a middle-school aged child linked to bullying this year.

From Joe My God:

The National Day Of Silence is April 17th. While little Carl’s tragic end happened in their own backyard, anti-gay hate group MassResistance is leading the wingnut movement to yank their kids out of school that day, rather than witness any peaceful observation that bullying gay students is morally wrong.

Carl would have turned 12 on April 17.

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Good News: Gay Marriage, Jamacia Protest, and Gay Refugee Claimant taken seriously

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Gay WednesdayThis is the first of three posts for Gay Wednesday, April 15th 2009:

  1. Gay Wednesday I – The Good News
  2. Gay Wednesday II – The Bad News
  3. Gay Wednesday III – The ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ News

New York State Maine Next on the gay marriage docket: New York and Maine:

New York State Today: Jamaica Protest At NYC’s Historic Stonewall Inn:

“LGBT activists will gather at NYC’s historic Stonewall Inn on Wednesday at 6:30PM to protest the treatment of gay people in Jamaica. In a show of solidarity, Stonewall’s owners will pour their stock of Myer’s Rum and Red Stripe beer into the gutter of Christopher Street.”

Washington State Washington State Legislature OKs transgender hate-crime protection:

Lawmakers who supported the change said broadening hate-crime protections was a matter of fairness and justice. Rep. Chris Hurst, D-Enumclaw, said the state has a duty to defend people who are targeted solely because of who they are.

“If we do not defend the rights of those individuals, we defend the rights of no one,” said Hurst, a former police officer.

New York State NYC officials want gay marriages counted in census:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City Council speaker are urging federal census officials to include same-sex marriages in the 2010 count, an issue that has taken on greater significance in recent weeks as more gay couples are being allowed to marry.

The federal law banning gay marriage bars the agency from counting same-sex marriages, the Census Bureau says, even though they are legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and, most recently, Vermont and Iowa

Canada Landmark refugee ruling for gays:

A refugee claimant from Vietnam has been granted permission to stay in Canada to avoid persecution in his home country. “Twenty-eight-year-old Tam has never been threatened, beaten or thrown in jail for being gay. In his home country of Vietnam homosexuality isn’t illegal. It isn’t mentioned in any law. In fact, it’s rarely mentioned at all. But the Toronto student, who applied for refugee status in 2006, says gay and lesbian people there are still punished for being themselves.” Tam, and other gay and lesbians can have a “normal” life in Vietnam as long as they are willing to be something that they are not.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada concluded that it is “unfair to expect Tam to hide his sexual orientation in return for a normal life”.

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Gay Wednesday IV – the International Edition (it’s not good news)

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Russian Court Finds Gay Activists Guilty Of Popularizing Homosexuality:

“On March 30, the gay activists staged public event demonstrating posters reading, ‘Homosexuality is normal’ and ‘I am proud of my homosexuality.’ The judge ordered the posters be destroyed.”

Iraq’s Newly Open Gays Face Scorn and Murder :

The relative freedom of a newly democratic Iraq and the recent improvement in security have allowed a gay subculture to flourish here. The response has been swift and deadly.
In the past two months, the bodies of as many as 25 boys and men suspected of being gay have turned up in the huge Shiite enclave of Sadr City, the police and friends of the dead say. Most have been shot, some multiple times. Several have been found with the word “pervert” in Arabic on notes attached to their bodies, the police said.

Recently, Six gay men were shot dead by members of their tribe and clerics are urging a crackdown on homosexuality

Being gay in Iran:

From COUSCOUS GLOBAL – Watch movies of debates from young people all over the world

“Homosexuality is prohibited by law in Iran. Gay men and women are forced to live a secret life so they can’t fully show who they really are. Couscous Global sat down with a gay man from Iran and talked about his life there.”

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Gay Wednesday III – the Iowa Edition

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celebration photos in Iowa:

Last Friday, friends and family gathered at the Iowa Supreme Court to celebrate gay marriage become legal in that state. Thanks for the tip-off Joe

No, Senator McKinley, I will not co-sponsor a leadership bill with you:

Melissa McEwan @ Shakesville has video and partial transcript of Iowa State Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal’s totally kick-ass speech on the State Senate floor, explaining why he will not support an effort to amend the state’s constitution to reverse the recent unanimous ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Iowa.

“I hugged my wife. I felt like our love was just a little more meaningful last Friday night because thousands of other Iowa citizens could hug each other and have the state recognize their love for each other.”

You Rock Iowa State Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal!

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Gay Wednesday II – the District of Columbia Editon

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D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Other States’ Gay Marriages:

The District’s actions came the same day as Vermont became the fourth state to recognize same-sex marriages and a week after the Iowa Supreme Court legalized such unions. The moves generated a sense of momentum and hope among gay activists and anger among some religious and conservative groups.

Gay Families Invited To White House Easter Event:

The White House is allocating tickets for the upcoming Easter Egg Roll to gay and lesbian parents as part of the Obama administration’s outreach to diverse communities.

Families say the gesture shows that the new Democratic administration values them as equal to other families. And for many, being included in the annual tradition _ dating to 1878 _ renews hope that they will have more support in their quest for equal rights in matters such as marriage and adoption than under the previous administration.

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Gay Wednesday I – the Vermont Edition

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Vermont legalizes gay marriage with override vote:

Wow that was fast. On Mondy April 6th, the Iowa state Senate voted to concur with a House gay marriage bill that was passed last week. Gov. James Douglas’ veto came moments later. But the very next day …

Lawmakers overrode Gov. James Douglas’ veto of same-sex marriage Tuesday, making Vermont the fourth state in the nation to allow gay couples to wed.

The House voted 100-49, just reaching the required two-thirds vote to negate a governor’s veto under Vermont law. The Senate earlier squashed the veto on a vote of 23-5.

Same-sex couples can begin receiving civil marriage licenses on Sept. 1, when the law is set to take effect.

The House chamber erupted with cheers and applause as House Speaker Shap Smith, D-Morristown, announced the results, his voice cracking. “You have overridden the veto,” Smith said, before quickly calling the House to order, ending the celebration.

Douglas, who called the issue of same-sex marriage a distraction, said it was now time for lawmakers to turn their attention to the state’s budget and economic woes. “What really disappoints me is that we have spent some time on an issue, during which another thousand Vermonters have lost their jobs. We need to turn our attention to balancing a budget without raising taxes, growing the economy, putting more people to work,”

Riiiiight, distracting. From Dan Savage: “If Governor Douglas had just signed the bill, or let it become law without his signature, the debate would be over, and the legislature could focus on more important things than, you know, the equality of the citizens of Vermont under the law.”

And from Joe My God: “Today’s victory in Vermont didn’t materialize out of thin air – it took years and years of tireless work by local and national activists who had to sit down over and over again with legislators, business leaders, and clergy to educate them about our issues.”

Congratulations Vermont

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Gay Connecticut, “Uncomfortable” California, Gay Sweden, and Gay Iowa

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Connecticut LGBT advocacy group closes up due to success:

California – nine year old’s survey project excluded from school because he learned some people don’t think of themselves as boys or girls:

Tonight was the night the science project results were revealed, at my nephew’s school’s open house, and my sister was supposed to take a picture so I could show all of you.

Except she couldn’t. Because my nephew’s project, alone among all of them, was not displayed. After much back and forth with various people, my sister learned that apparently some people were uncomfortable with his conclusions. Specifically the part where he said that what he really learned from this project was that some people don’t want to be called boys or girls, and that those people need an “other” option.

Thanks for the tip off boinboing.net

Sweden Approves Marriage Equality:

Sweden becomes the fifth country in Europe, and the seventh country in the world, to approve same sex marriage legislation. Go SWEDEN!!

Scandinavian countries, known for their liberal attitudes towards gays and lesbians, were among the first countries in Europe to grant same-sex partners the same rights as married couples.

Sweden gave same-sex couples the right to form a union via registered partnerships in the mid-nineties and made it legal for them to adopt in 2002.

The passage of the bill was widely expected and the final tally was 261 votes in favour of the bill and 22 opposed.

“The decision means that gender no longer has an impact on the ability to marry and that the law on registered partnership is repealed,” the government said on its website.

Of the seven parties in the Swedish parliament, only the Christian Democrats opposed the new law. “Yvonne Andersson said her party wanted to maintain ‘a several hundred-year-old concept‘ about marriage.”

Yeah right, let’s go back just one hundred years and compare the concept of marriage to what we have today.

Unanimous ruling: Iowa marriage no longer limited to one man, one woman:

The Rev. Mark Stringer said he cried when he learned of Friday’s decision. Stringer performed the only legal same-sex marriage in Iowa when he officiated a 2007 ceremony in the brief window between a Polk County judge’s ruling and the subsequent court-ordered delay so the Supreme Court could weigh in.

“It’s really an astounding moment under our history,” Stringer said. “What really excites me is that Iowa is the first in our area of the country. We are being a leader in civil rights, which will be part of our state’s history.”


“We are firmly convinced that the exclusion of gay and lesbian people from the institution of civil marriage does not substantially further any important governmental objective,” the court said in an opinion written by Justice Mark Cady. “The legislature has excluded a historically disfavored class of persons from a supremely important civil institution without a constitutionally sufficient justification.”

Yeah Iowa State Legislators. I unamimously heart you!

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LGBT News from around the world

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Former Top Judge Pooh-Poohs Polygamist’s Gay Argument:

Claire L’Heureux-Dube, a former Supreme Court judge, has predicted that the courts will toss out any arguments linking same-sex marriage to a polygamist sect in Canada.

women currently facing charges related to a religious cult in Bountiful, British Columbia have already indicated that they will invoke gay marriage as an argument defending their dozens of wives.

Australia: Catholic Church To Test Potential Priests For Evidence Of Gayness:

If they’re abstaining from having sex, why does it matter who they’re attracted to (Moose naively asks)?

Zurich Gets Lesbian Mayor:

“Zurich joins Paris and Berlin as a major world city with an openly gay mayor. LGBT activists are especially thrilled as Zurich is the host to this year’s EuroPride.”

Moscow Pride To Coincide With Eurovision:

“LGBT activists in Moscow have shrewdly rescheduled this year’s pride events to coincide to that city’s hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest, guaranteeing them a global stage should the Russian government follow through on its promise to once again ban their celebration.”

AB to amend provincial legislation to explicitly protect gays:

Culture Minister, Lindsay Blackett, who just last month said that updating the province’s human rights legislation to include gays would be a “knee-jerk response,” has apparently jerked his knee, giving him ample recovery time to draft up the much-needed legislation.

Alberta was the only province in Canada to not include gays in their human rights laws, despite a decade-old Supreme Court ruling requiring it.

Boycott Jamaica Site Launched:

“Activists/bloggers Wayne Besen, Jim Burroway, and Michael Petrelis have jointly launched a site calling for the boycott of Jamaica, ‘the most homophobic place on Earth’.”

Iraq To Begin Executing Gays:

Looks like there’s some competition for “most homophobic place on Earth”.

Why I Called Justice Scalia A Homophobe:

On March 22nd, Kick-ass Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a “homophobe”. Clickity Click the heading to read why his explanation of why he did so.

in his view sex discrimination is not only permitted by the Constitution but is very much in society’s interest because homosexuality deserves to be treated with not only disapproval, but legal disability.

This comes out most clearly in his very vigorous abjection to the court’s decision to block a criminal prosecution against two men who had consensual sex in the privacy of their bedroom. And it is made very vivid in the passage in which he affirms society’s right to treat homosexuals unequally by citing other categories which deserves such treatment — beginning with murder.

No Change On “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:

WASHINGTON — Don’t expect any change soon to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about gays in the military.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says both he and President Barack Obama have “a lot on our plates right now.” As Gates puts it, “let’s push that one down the road a little bit.”

I think Dan Savage has the best response:

A day may come when President Barack Obama won’t have anything on his plate that’s more important than trifling gay rights issues and then we can ask the president to make good on some of the promises he made to gay and lesbian voters during the election.

Of course since gay rights issues are trifling and unimportant it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a day when this president—or any future president—isn’t facing issues and crises that are more important than gay rights issues, so…

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Jim Carrey is Too Gay, Gay Refugee News, Bans of Marriage and Marriage Parties, and “Curing” teh Geh

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Is Jim Carrey too Gay for Movie Theatres?

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s latest movie, I Love You, Phillip Morris, appears to be headed direct-to-video, despite getting a generally positive reception at recent film festivals. Micheal Musto speculates that a particular sex scene may have film buyers squeamish,

Stop Flaunting your Sexuality:

With California’s vote last November in favor of the gay-marriage ban known as Proposition 8, some gays are saying that bachelorette parties at their bars are becoming more than a minor nuisance. They’re a constant reminder that gays don’t have equal marriage rights.

Thanks for the tip-off Joe

Canada’s abysmal gay refugee record probably isn’t going to get better:Doug Cryer, the former director of public policy for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, has been appointed to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board by the Conservative government. Cryer, who says that all gay people are inherently sinful, will now decide if gay refugees will be allowed to stay in Canada to avoid persecution of homosexuality in their home countries.Canada is habitually unaccommodating of gay refugees, often requiring exhaustive proof of homosexuality from claimants who have had to spend their whole lives hiding it from oppressive governments.

Senator John Kerry is trying to reunite Massachusetts man with his husband:

The case of Tim and Junior has attracted a lot of public attention – and rightly so. Their dilemma illustrates just how important it is to inject some justice and compassion into our immigration system and how important it is to overturn wrongheaded laws like the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and pass legislation that guarantees gay couples the same legal protections heterosexual couples are afforded.

One in six psychiatrists has tried to ‘turn gays straight’:

The idea that homosexuality is an aberration from the norm which can be “corrected”, rather than a natural state, was current for most of the last century. Everyone was thought to be basically heterosexual and homosexuality was regarded as a deviation from the norm, the result of “faulty learning” in childhood.

During the 1950s and 1960s, when belief in psychological behaviourism was at its height, aversion therapy was used to “cure” homosexuals. Male patients were given a slide show which included pictures of sexually attractive men and women and a lever that allowed them to change the slides. If they lingered too long over the pictures of the men, and did not move on swiftly enough to the pictures of the women, they received an electric shock. A variation of this treatment involved a drug that would make them vomit.

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas To Veto Gay Marriage:

“The Vermont Senate approved marriage equality earlier this week with the House expected to do the same shortly. There may be enough votes to overturn Douglas’ veto”.

You may remember that Vermont was the first state to adopt “civil unions, an institution which grants same-sex couples nearly all the rights and privileges of marriage. In Baker v. Vermont (1999), the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that, under the Constitution of Vermont, the state must either allow same-sex marriage or provide a separate but equal status for them. The state legislature chose the second option by creating the institution of civil union; the bill was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Howard Dean” (source: Wikipedia).

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Anti-Gay HR complaint, LGBT more likely to be poor, 40% born out of wedlock, Marriage Literally Redefined

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  • Strange Anti-Gay Human Rights Complaint:

    Kari Simpson, an anti-gay activist, has filed a complaint against the B.C. Education Ministry for not doing enough to help students who “suffer from homosexuality and other dysfunctional sexual orientations.”

    The bizarre complaint goes on to allege that schools simply aren’t turning enough gay students straight. As Simpson puts it:

    “Sexual re-orientation therapies have helped thousands of individuals recover from such dysfunctional orientations. School counsellors are being denied the tools to be effective advocates for students in need of sexual re-orientation help and they should have access to resources and training that will equip them to properly counsel students”.

    Gee, that’s just awful. Think of all those thousands of poor, suffering gays that were denied their right to re-orientation by that callous school board.

    Odd, though, don’t you think, that this human rights complaint had to be filed by a Christian activist instead of just one of those thousands of suffering students who were denied a gay cure. (Though, frankly, the only suffering I’ve ever endured as a gay person is from people like Kari.)

  • Study Shows Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Americans More Likely To Be Poor Than Heterosexuals:

    Employment discrimination, lack of access to marriage, and a greater likelihood of being uninsured exacerbate poverty among LGB people.
    Because no representative data exist for transgender people, the report does not analyze poverty in that community. Previous Williams Institute studies, however, found that large proportions of transgender people report very low incomes, which suggest that poverty is also a major concern for transgender people.

    The report was released this morning at an informational briefing in the U.S. Capitol for members of Congress, their staff and media. For the full report, visit http://www.law.ucla.edu/williamsinstitute

    Thanks for the tip-off Dan

  • 40 percent of U.S. children born out of wedlock in 2007:

    So what was that argument about marriage being all about procreation?

    The birth rate rose slightly for women of all ages, and births to unwed mothers reached an all-time high of about 40 percent, continuing a trend that started years ago. More than three-quarters of these women were 20 or older.

    For a variety of reasons, it’s become more acceptable for women to have babies without a husband, said Duke University’s S. Philip Morgan, a leading fertility researcher.

    Even happy couples may be living together without getting married, experts say. And more women _ especially those in their 30s and 40s _ are choosing to have children despite their single status.

  • Marriage is Literally Redefined:

    ATTENTION: All of you Americans who insist on a “traditional” definition of marriage – YOU HAVE LOST.

    The latest Merriam-Webster definition of marriage includes same-sex and opposite-sex couples being is a “consensual and contractual” relationship. The the wingnuts are flipping out aboot this development, but it turns out previous editions going back to 2003 contained similar definitions. As Joe my God says, “it’s kind of mind-blowing that nobody on either side has picked up on that in six years.”.

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Gay Wednesday V – Obama and teh Gays

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Gay Wednesday IV – Pope Claims that Condoms in Africa will make HIV worse

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I know that HIV is not strictly a Gay Issue, in Africa or anywhere else. But I’m including this story in Gay Wednesday because of the ongoing conflict between the Vatican and LGBT + PFLAG + the sane.

Vatican defends pope on condom rejection:

YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — The Vatican defended Pope Benedict XVI’s rejection of condoms as a way to stop HIV after international criticism Wednesday that he was weakening the fight against the disease.

France and Germany sharply critiqued Benedict’s declaration that distributing condoms “increases” the AIDS problem. The French foreign ministry said the statement could “endanger public health policies and the imperative to protect human life.”

Two German ministers said on Benedict’s first full day as pope in Africa, a continent ravaged by HIV, that it was irresponsible to reject condoms. The U.N. agency charged with fighting AIDS also spoke out in favor of condom use.

Benedict told reporters on his flight Tuesday to Cameroon that a responsible and moral attitude toward sex would help fight the disease.


  • Dan Savage @ The Stranger: Pope to Africans: Drop Dead Remember, kids, there is no morality without religion—and what could be more moral than traveling to the continent hardest hit by AIDS and encouraging your followers to regard condoms as a threat.
  • Joe My God: On the way to sub-Saharan Africa, the most AIDS-ravaged place on the planet, the Pope is telling people that condom use increases the spread of AIDS. How many of Africa’s 130 million Catholics will die because of this Pope?
  • TOWLEROAD How does the Catholic Church dare call itself “pro-life”?
  • Canadian Cynic

    You’ll forgive me if I think it’s just the tiniest bit presumptuous for a celibate man in drag to be handing out advice on condoms. I’m just sayin’.

    Yours in endless, disdainful giggles,

    P.S. Is it just me or does he have the squirreliest eyes? I don’t think it’s just me.

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