Sometimes I try to be funny. I created all of the LOLs on this page. I’m not claiming that they are the funniest things EVAR, but I think that some of them are pretty good.

If you want to create your own LOLs, the good people cats at I Can Has Cheezburger can help you with that.

LOL Campbell

Gordon Campbell jumping into a ball pit

LOL Obamadog

The Obamas have chosen a Portugese Water Dog puppy as the First Dog.

LOL Vampire

LOL Armstrong

LOL Lincoln

LOL Everything

LOL Narcissism

LOL Horse

LOL Verne Troyer

LOL Speaker of the House

CSI Silicon Valley

LOL Travolta

LOL Reluctance

LOL Shark

LOL shark

LOL Punk

LOL punk

LOL Donkey

LOL donkey

CSI Islamabad

I know its in bad taste, but I couldnt resist

LOL Snake

LOL Jesus

Jesus sez Pat Robertson is a DICK

LOL Tree

Last updated August 10, 2009


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