Meet the Moose

Hello! My name is Colin. Some of my friends call me Moose. You may call me Moose too if you like.

Are you looking for a friendly English tutor in Vancouver? I have plenty of experience. I worked as an English Tutor at Douglas College for four years. It was a very rewarding job, and I would like to help more students prepare for the TOEIC test, edit their school work, or just practice conversation.

I charge $15 per hour. The first lesson is Free!

I do all of my tutoring in the food court at the Robson Public Market. The Robson Public Market is on Robson Street at Cardero. I can meet students there from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. seven days a week.

To arrange a free lesson, email me at

Originally, I started this blog because I felt that Vancouver needed another ‘news and views’ blog. I thought that it would inspire me to keep up with what was happening in my beloved city. I also naively believed that I could consistently be entertaining. Well, that didn’t work out so well.

Then, I decided to use my blog to help ESL students prepare for the TOEIC test. I started slowly building pages about grammar, vocabulary, and English Expressions. However, that mission also stalled.

So now the static pages and the blog posts are just whatever the hell I feel like putting up. At this point, I’m mainly doing this to entertain myself. If anybody else gets a chuckle or learns something, that’s fine too.

Here is some additional information about me:

  • I grew up in a small village in the province of Ontario. The name of the village is Springfield. Some of my friends find this amusing because Springfield is where The Simpsons live.
  • I lived in Toronto for a few years. I didn’t really like Toronto. The weather was too cold and the people were too.
  • I LOVE VANCOUVER. Moving to Vancouver is the best decision that I have ever made.
  • I live at Davie and Cardero, close to English Bay and Stanley Park. I consider myself very lucky to live in this neighborhood.
  • Even though I am still very happy living in Vancouver, I want to travel to Japan for at least one year.
  • I am slowly learning Japanese. I regularly go to the language exchange clubhouse on Granville street for Japanese tutoring.
  • I enjoy karaoke. My favorite place for karaoke is the Jupiter Cafe on Tuesday nights.
  • My best friend has a nick-name that is even stranger than mine. I call her Pterodactyl.
  • I have just started to learn to play the harmonica. I hope that I can keep practicing.
  • I have clinical depression. It’s not a self-diagnosis; there are three doctors and one counselor involved. My condition is asymptomatic, meaning that I don’t respond to antidepressant medication the way that most people do. And that sucks.
  • If you want to follow me on Facebook, you can find me at

If you want to see my past blog posts, you can browse them by category. There is a drop down box in the right-side column. I have also kept a List of Previous Posts.

And if you enjoy LOLs, you could check out my page of funny lol things, although the humor can be hard to understand, even for native English speakers.

If you have any suggestions for this site, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Have a groovy day,



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  1. Moose!!
    I love yer moose pic!
    I am from Flin Flon originally. Now in Vancouver for 30 years.
    He looks like he is sheepishly trying to back out of a situation he wants no part of.
    Once upon a time he would have been a winters meat for my family.
    Thanks noble mon’.

    CosmosLaundry Journal

    • Yeah, I love that picture too. That moose has a lot of personality.

  2. Hi Moose… I work for a ORAM, an organization that assists LGBT and other persecuted individuals mainly, in the Middle East, to gain asylum in North America and/or Europe. We were hoping to contact you regarding our organization and its projects/activities. Is there a direct number or email address we could reach you at to send you press releases and other information?
    Please contact me at
    Thank you,
    Scott Piro
    Communications Director, ORAM international

  3. this is kazumi

    nice to meet you again

  4. I’m impressed with what you present.

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