Friday Night

June 11, 2006 at 5:17 am | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

aleajacta and I got our wires crossed.

He was coming over to install the remote doorbell.

Well, I thought that he was going to call me at 9:00, and then I would go and meet him at the door. But he thought that I knew that he was coming over at 9:00.

So he came over and waited around outside for a good while. Then he tried to find a payphone, but couldn’t. A payphone is one of those things that you only find when you don’t need one.

During this time, I was upstairs waiting for him to call.

Then, he went all the way home and called me from there, and then came all the way back.

And after all that, the doorbell didn’t work. Apparently the signal won’t go through the brick building.




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  1. Put the thing that response to the one at the door at the top of the stairs on your door. Ok, you probably won’t hear it every time, especially if you are further away from the door, but it might work.

  2. Oh, goddammit.

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